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  • Click Here to download a printable directory of Teamsters 493 phone numbers and contact information.
  • Teamsters Local 493 Union

    Bevan J. Sweet
    860-848-9201 X 13
    860-848-7983 Fax
    [email protected]

    Craig Mitchell
    President/Business Agent
    860-848-9201 X 14
    860-848-7983 Fax
    [email protected]

    Donnie Barnes, Sr.
    Vice-President/Business Agent
    860-848-9201 X 21
    860-848-7983 Fax
    [email protected]

    Shannan McNair
    Admin / Union Dues
    860-848-9201 X 10
    860-848-7983 Fax
    [email protected]

  • Teamsters Local 493 Health Services

    Susan Wentworth
    Eligibility & Weekly Disability
    860-848-1259 X 11
    860-848-1940 Fax

    Kate Mitchell
    Medical Claims & Eligibility
    860-848-1259 X 17
    860-848-1940 Fax

    Nicole Contois
    Dentail Claims & Eligibility
    860-848-1259 X 16
    860-848-1940 Fax

    Keyla Eliasson
    Perscriptions & Vision
    860-848-1259 X 18
    860-848-1940 Fax

    Valenz Medical Authorization — ForPre-Authorization call 1-800-888-9255

    UpRise Health (Mental Health) — For any services or treatment for mental health conditions or for alcohol or substance abuse: 1-877-733-9205

    Tri-State Joint Fund Office — For matters concerning your Retiree Medical and Retiree Death Benefits:

    Retiree Medical / Death Claims1-800-292-8340

    Vision Care Benefits: VSP

    Prescription Drug Benefits:

    Allegiant (specialty drugs)1-866-888-0103
    Optum Rx1-884-805-9802

    To mail a prescription to the Mail Order Program:
    Optum Rx
    P.O. Box 2975
    Mission, KS 66201

    Take Charge Programs:

    Take Charge programs1-800-210-6337
    Email[email protected]

    If you receive a call from anyone other than your Local Fund Office asking for information about your Health Insurance or confirming personal information such as but not limited to your Social Security number, address or Date of Birth—PLEASE HANG UP!!!

    You have been issued an alternate Participant ID number which can be found on the front of your ID card and begins with “TSJ”. You should only respond to calls from your Local Fund Office and your Local Fund Office will always use your TSJ Participant ID number only.